About Me

I'm Misty.  I'm a 32 year-old, married, at-home Mom.  I didn't envision this as my life a few years ago.  But now, I love it.  The most important things in my life now are my faith and my family.

My husband, Kyle is 39.  I have 2 boys.  JM is 4, and S is 2.  And, I was recently blessed with my first baby girl in March 2011.  You can read about her here: The Amazing Story Of My Baby Girl.

Those who know me have seen me make some pretty radical changes in the last few years.  I have definitely settled down.  But, I am so very happy in my life now.  I have seen that growing up can be a good thing.
For more trivial knowledge about me (and a few awesome pics from my renaissance-themed wedding), check out this post from my Misty-isms blog: Little Things About Me (9/28/11).