Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What To Buy My Kids For Christmas (or birthdays)

Hello!  If you are reading this, then thank you for considering my feelings when buying my kids presents.

First off, I wanna say that I read something on Dave Ramsey's page recently that I would like to mention.  It was actually speaking to grandparents, but could really apply to anyone with the desire to give lavish gifts to someone else's children.  That was that you should really ask the parents if the gift is something they would approve of.  So, I am going to make a few suggestions here.  If you have another idea that doesn't pertain to these suggestions and you are unsure, please run it by me or Kyle. Thank you.  :-)

Anyway, here are some things NOT to buy:

-- Toys that make loud noises, for obvious reasons.
-- Things made of paper.  Usually, they will get torn up and create lots of trash rather quickly.
-- Puzzles.  I know we have enjoyed puzzles in the past and have even bought them for our children ourselves.  But then, we learned that the reality of these gifts is that they will end up ALL over the house, and eventually, in the trash.
-- Toys with many pieces.  With the exception of legos, toys with small parts or many pieces quickly become clutter.  We keep the legos in a separate spot, but they are still difficult to deal with.  We make an exception for them, because they are a creative toy.  That being said, we really don't need a lot more lego sets right now, either.
-- To be honest, we would like toy-buying to be kept to a minimum this year.  I know that sounds Grinchy, but we are overloaded with toys.  I am about to do a 3rd toy purge.

If the kids receive these things, we will still be thankful for them and accept them.  The children will still play with them.  They will still receive a few toys from us for Christmas.  The thing is, we would love to tone down the excess.  If you saw our house and the playroom, I am sure you would understand completely.

So then, what do I suggest for gifts:

-- clothes
-- houseshoes/slippers
-- kids soaps, bubbles, and shampoos, and bath sponges
-- character bath towels and beach towels
-- boxes of cookies, fruit gummies, animal crackers
-- cute socks and underoos
-- backpacks
-- sleeping bags
-- bath robes
-- housecoats
-- movie theater gift cards
-- Chuck E. Cheese gift cards
-- gift cards for pizza places or other restaurants that you think the kids would enjoy
-- gift cards or passes for the zoo, aquariums, or museums  (Even places in New Orleans would be acceptable, because we go there sometimes.)

Thanks you guys, and merry Christmas!

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