Monday, October 6, 2014

YouTube: Revelations From 9 Years Ago and Today

So, I'm back on YouTube after years on hiatus.  And, my life is completely different than it was back then.

Back then...
-- 2005/2006
-- I was in college.
-- No kids.
-- No REAL grown-up responsibility, but I did pay my bills.
-- Worked as the S.P.C.A., then as a barista while I went back to school.
-- Studied Film at U.N.O.
-- Lived in New Orleans, LA.

-- 2014, 9 years later
-- Now a college graduate (finally.)
-- FIVE (5) KIDS??!!
-- Responsibilities galore!
-- My current career is homeschool Mom.  (I count that as a career.)
-- Graduated in Lafayette in 2012 at UL Lafayette.
-- Live in Lafayette, LA.

So, stuff I'm learning:

1)  I can now see every imperfection so much more clearly, but I refuse to let myself get all self-conscious.
2)  I never even realized how I actually spoke until now.  I mean, I always knew it was a little unusual, and I've always deeply disliked the sound of my speaking voice, but now I have to face it head-on.  Oh well, no time like the present to get-over yourself.
3)  I've come to realize that although I feel contentment with my life, my persona does not reflect that.   I may be giving off a false impression of unhappiness in my daily life.  I need to work on that.
4)  I really liked editing back in my Film major days.  And now, I'm soooooo thrilled to be doing it again.  Like wow!  I mean, I know that our videos need lots of development, and we need to work on our presence in front of the camera.  However, the editing part is just so much fun to me, especially when I'm editing videos of the kids.  I still need work and practice, but that's one aspect of this whole thing that just feels really right.
5)  This has become a family endeavor.  We have something fun the we can do as a family.  And, if we can actually discipline ourselves to keep this up, we will have some amazing memories we can watch later.

The most difficult thing about it is just finding the time to get it put together.  So, I am hoping that we will be able to continue making videos, and I hope they get better, too.  Thanks for watching, guys!!

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