Thursday, June 20, 2013

CONTINUTED: Are We Having Any More Kids?

This is just a little extra info and in-case you-missed-it stuff related to the last blog, "Are We Having Any More Kids?"

First off, I wanted to repost this from the last blog, because it kind-of goes with the theme of this blog. Also, I know that some may have not read all the way to this part in the last blog, and I think it is important:
"7)  Are you trying to force your beliefs and/or some sort-of political agenda on others?
No and no.  I think that when people hear about someone doing something like this that is quite radical, they automatically assume it is in some way meant to impose a belief system on them.  But, that is just not true here.  This is a personal decision that we have made for our family, and that's all it is.  I have used the birth control pill in the past, myself.  I have simply had a personal change of heart.  No agendas."
Next, I wanted to address some issues that may come up with skeptics and nay-sayers.

Are you taking financial assistance from government programs to support your family?
No.  We have taken financial assistance in the past, though.  Before we got pregnant with our last baby (which was the first baby that resulted from this decision), we had gotten gotten off of public assistance.  At one time or another, we have been on Medicaid, WIC, and Food Stamps.  We've never been on welfare.  I think these programs are great when there is a need for them.  I am thankful that they were there when we needed them.  Again, I will mention that it's actually only AFTER we committed to this decision that a job opportunity came along for Kyle  that allowed us to free ourselves from assistance.

Miscellaneous info.
I want to mention that yes, I know there are higher risks once you pass the age of 35.  I am turning 35 this year.  I've gone through miscarriages already.  I am also aware that the risk for Down Syndrome  increase as my age increases.  I am not afraid of what lies ahead.  We will face each challenge just like we do with everything else, with prayer and hope.

I think that it's important to note that people are going to judge us for this decision.  Please consider that we are financially able, able-bodied, clean and sober, and in a committed marriage.  We aren't perfect, but we can raise kids in a good environment.  I really don't see a reason for anyone to find an issue with what we are doing.

One last UPDATE:
If you think I might be crazy for following my faith this far, as it turns out, I have a blog about that, too.  It's from March 2012.  You can read it here:  You Might Think I'm Crazy.

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