Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Lookback at 2012

I'm back after accidentally losing my domain name.  Luckily for me, my name didn't get bought by someone else.

So much has happened since I blogged.  But, I just want to talk about the year in general.

This year:
- Kyle started his new job.  For the most part, it was great.  But, there wasn't work for him for about a month and a half, considering he had no seniority.  But, we made it through that time and bounced back.  And, believe me, this job and the benefits were well worth the wait.
- I graduated college with a Bachelor's in General Studies in May 2012.  Finally, my nightmares about not finishing school will cease.  It was a challenging final semester, since I was pregnant and parenting 3 kids, but it's great to be finished.
- I started home-schooling JM and S this year, doing kindergarten with both.  This is yet another challenging endeavor.  But, it's also a joy to watch them learn to do things for the very first time like reading their first words, sentences, and paragraphs.
- I had my 4th child, baby A.  This pregnancy was the one with the double-footling breech baby.  We tried to turn him, but he was stuck.  So, I had my first c-section.  I was just happy to have a healthy baby.
- This year, I lost 2 family members that I loved dearly - my great Aunt Pat, and my Grandad.  We watched as their health went downhill for several months.  In the end, it was time for them to leave this world for a better, more peaceful place.
- At the end of the year, following a wonderful Christmas with family, we were hit with illness.  All of the kids got RSV, but the one it really affected was baby A.  Infants under 12 weeks of age are at the highest risk of danger for this virus.  When he was coughing in an unusual manner, I brought him to the e.r.  He was admitted and put in the pediatric intensive care unit.  Things got pretty scary for us, but we had many people and several churches praying. He got better, and we were released from the hospital on new year's eve morning.  He is still on the mend, but it looks like he'll be completely well very soon.

The year has had some great contrasting highs and lows, but overall it really was a blessed year.

If you would like to read about our ordeal with RSV, check out my entry in my blog, Remodeling My Life For Christ (about my faith) here: The Trials of Life PART A: The RSV Trial

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