Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Magnetic Conduct Chart (Pinterest-Inspired)

I have been checking out things on Pinterest, and I decided to make a conduct chart for homeschool, inspired by some of the projects I have seen on Pinterest.  This could be adapted for a regular classroom as well.

Materials Used: 
Cookie Sheet
Designed Duct Tape
Puffy Paint
Glue Gun and Glue Stick
Stick-On Magnets
Something To Adhere The Magnets To
(As A Marker For Each Student)

Okay, so when I started, I thought that I was going to just paint the cookies sheet with acrylic paint and then go over it with my puffy pens for the text.  Of course, I didn't factor in that I was using a non-stick cookie sheet.  So, that paint did not stick.  Epic Fail.  But luckily, I had some racing flag duct tape that I was able to tape on for the background instead - good save.

So here's how to do it: 
(Pics will be posted below.) 

1) Carefully apply your decorative (or solid color) duct tape to the front of the pan.  I pulled mine around to the back to make it look neat.
2) Write your text in with puffy paint.  Mine was kind-of old and didn't turn out perfectly neat, but I used it anyway.  I painted on the title, Conduct Chart.  Then, I labeled each conduct grade from highest to lowest as Super, Good, Fair, Needs Work, and Unsatisfactory.  Then, let it all dry.
3) Flip over the board, and hot glue the yarn on the back for hanging it up.  I added duct tape over that for extra security and neatness, but it probably isn't necessary.
4) Stick your magnets to your student markers.  The magnets I had were self-adhesive.  I bought these little, painted, wooden crafts to use for student markers at Wal-Mart along with the magnets on the crafts aisle.
5) Hang it on the wall, apply the magnets, and you're done!  Every student starts at the top and moves down a slot when appropriate.  At the end of class, record it as a conduct grade. 

Mine are in kindergarten, so they aren't getting "real" grades yet.  But, I am recording it in a grade record book every day as A, B, C, D, F.  When we finish with our first workbook, I told them that they will get a pizza party.  At the pizza party, I will give them an award for good conduct as long as they have a good conduct grade average.

Here's the pics:

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