Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Things I Learned From Pinterest

10 Things I Learned From Pinterest Pinterest for Nonprofits

(...not in any particular order, and to be read with mild sarcasm.)

1) Everything apparently looks better Ombre'ed.
2) Everything should be painted with chalkboard paint, because apparently we all have an inner desire to write on all of our stuff with chalk.
3) Daisy Dukes (very short jean shorts) are back in style, and as long as you add some lace to the bottom, they apparently are not too short.
4) If you have some mason jars, modge podge, and old tshirts, then you can make anything.  Lookout Macguyver!
5) Here's a great recipe for a decadent dessert!  You can eat it while you view pins of super-toned girls working out.  Thanks Pinterest!
6) Pinterest will show you how to make things that you can purchase for less money and more function.  I think my favorite example of this is the DIY outdoor sheet tent.  It is so cute, but functionally, will it really protect you from rain, bugs, or other elements?  And how long will it take to stitch it together?  How much money will you spend on cutesy sheet sets to use to make it?  I think I will stick will a store-bought tent.  I enjoy being dry and lazy.
7) All of the gift baskets on Pinterest for men are alcohol-related.  So, what are you basket-makers trying to say about our men, exactly??
8) You must learn to master the braid!
9) I never noticed it before, but thanks to Pinterest, I now know how boring my nails are.
10) Enough of this!  I must SEE MORE PINS!

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  1. I love number seven. I am still not on Pinterest.-Ally.