Thursday, February 9, 2012

Horrible Trip To The Doctor With Baby R

So, Baby R is now 10 1/2 months old.  Our whole house has been having colds and sinus infections in the last few weeks, and R started showing symptoms a few days ago.  She has been having a fever and a runny nose with green mucus.   I took her to the pediatric clinic we usually go to, but her doctor is out on bedrest.  So, she had to see one of the other doctors.  I have never been to this doctor before.  A friend of mine told me that she was good, but quick to draw blood and a little abrupt in her bedside manner. 

We go in to this other doctor.  We'll call her "Dr. X."  Dr. X gets the symptom info from me and tells me that she will need to do some bloodwork and swab for the flu.  I told her that R has had the flu shot a few months ago, and she abruptly and defensively told me that we would need to check anyway.  Now, I get that you need to check anyway, but you don't need to get defensive about it, I just thought you might want to have the information that R has had a flu vaccine. 

So, they come to collect blood, which they ended up doing a second time later.  They swabbed for the flu.  Dr. X came in and told me that her white cells were high indicating an infection, therefore she would need to test for a Urinary Tract Infection.  Then she told me that they would have to collect the urine with a catheter, because that's the only way to get it from a baby.  I was completely shocked and sick to my stomach.  I didn't feel comfortable with it, and I certainly didn't understand why it was necessary.  I was put on the spot and not sure what to do.  Part of me wanted to jump out of my chair and just walk out.  But, what if that would have been a mistake?  I really didn't know, because I have never been in this situation before.

Against my gut, I stayed.  It was horrible.  She was screaming, and I was crying.

R didn't have a UTI, but I wasn't surprised to find that out, especially since her symptoms pointed to a sinus infection or something related.  Dr. X gave her an antibiotic shot, which she failed to mention was a 3-day shot.  This required me to come back two more days, totaling to 3 appointments altogether.  More blood work was done as well.

So, I don't know what to think.  I just do not believe she needed a test for a UTI, because she had symptoms pinpointing other causes for an infection.

The theories that have cropped up that make the most sense are:
A) Dr. X is an overly cautious doctor that wants every base cover, even if it might be unnecessary.
B) Dr. X is ordering unnecessary tests, because the clinic is making more more off of them.  The same theory would explain using a 3-day antibiotic shot in order to create a need for more appointments.  I currently have Medicaid, so she could be taking advantage of the system.

It would be nice to think that she is just overly cautious, but I am not so sure.  Even if she is, I can't understand giving Baby R that test.  In the past, my boys have gone to other doctors when they were sick babies, and they didn't even usually need to do bloodwork to determine the problem.  I'm not saying bloodwork isn't needed.  It just feel like, in this situation, too much has been done, and the catheter was a line-crosser.

The good news, if any, is that we are about to have our own family insurance from Kyle's new job.  So, we will be changing doctors in a matter of days.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  Do you have a baby girl who went through this?  Was it necessary or unnecessary?  Are you in the medical field, and if so, what is standard procedure for a 10 month old with a fever and green mucus?  Do you just have any other thoughts on possible reasons for this or do you just think it was wrong altogether?


  1. As a momma with a baby girl, and a patient in a busy pediatric clinic with many doctors, I have never been through what you just did.
    Maggie has been sick on and off with sinus infections and even pneumonia and we have only given blood one time (for the pneumonia). They have never suspected a UTI (!!!!!???!!!) from presenting symptoms of green snot, coughing, mild fever. I think your second theory on what this doc is doing is spot on!
    Thank goodness you can change clinics soon!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the info Katie. Very good to hear another Mom's experiences.

  3. Misty, as you know my girls are lots older ( one being in middle 30's and older being 40 ), but I will tell you this. To me that test for a UTI was uncalled for. She did not have any signs of a UTI, blood work I can see, as they do need to know what kind of infection that she would have.Couldn't the white cell count be from the sinus infection? That poor baby and you should NOT have been put through that. I for one ( even though you will be changing insurance and possibly drs) would let her regular dr know how she treated the baby. Did the Dr EVER say what kind of infection it was and WHY the 3 day shot?
    And what was the name of the antibotic shot? If you weren't told, call them and ask.
    Hoping Baby R feels baby soon. We all know what it's like to have sick little ones. Cathy

  4. Always question when you are uncomfortable. You are her mom, and you have the right to ask. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Glad you are going somewhere else, just in case.

  5. She said that they could not determine the cause of the infection, possibly because we caught it early. She never even told me she was giving me a 3-day antibiotic shot. I found that our the second day from the receptionist. She only told me that she was giving R an antibiotic shot and to bring her in the next day to see how well it worked. So, when I get in there for my second appointment, the receptionist asked for the reason for the office visit and I told her about the shot. I asked if she might need another one, and the receptionist said that it was a 3-day shot. She said it was up to the doctor's discretion if R would need all 3 days. When I got in for the 2nd appointment, she still never mentioned that it was a 3-day shot. She just ordered another blood test to check R's white blood cells, and then she determined R would need a second shot as well as a 3rd follow-up visit the next day - which is later tonight at 5:30. Luckily, Dr. X won't be the doctor on duty tonight.

  6. Poor baby.. Hopefully they will tell you what kind of shot ( besides an antibotic ) it is. She shouldn't have to go through all that. Glad that Dr won't be on duty. Is the baby doing better? How are the boys?

  7. Tonight was better. The doctor on duty checked her out and said that she didn't need any bloodwork or another shot. He prescribed an oral antibiotic for her. He told me that the the antibiotic shot she was given was specific for baby sinus infections. The boys are doing well. JM has had a cold, but nothing serious.

  8. Good news all around. Glad you found out what the shot was for. Sounds like this Dr explained it better to you and didn't talk "down" to you. With the way the weather keeps changing it seems like alot of people have some kind of sinus infection or cold, or both. Hope everyone in your family has a speedy recovery.

  9. hmm. not sure about that catheter. but again, i hope you are all feeling better. all my love.