Monday, October 31, 2011

Joseph Prince!

This weekend, the whole fam packed up and headed to Houston to see Joseph Prince preach at Lakewood Church.  That's right, we went to see a preacher!  Joseph Prince is a preacher from Singapore (near where my parents lived last year in Brunei; they usually flew out of Singapore.)  This was his first time speaking in the U.S.  His ministry focuses on God's grace through Christ.  He is very insightful with scripture, and finds things that the average person would miss.  Anyway, we really had a great time.  God is so good!  His gift of grace is for everyone.


  1. Praise the Lord Bro. I am glad that you have been touched by the gospel of grace. Joseph Prince is our senior pastor in the New Creation Church (Singapore) and we are so glad that his message of grace is impacting so many lives around the world.

  2. High five! I love that you just said "Praise the Lord, Bro." That's awesome! Joseph Prince's message of grace is great. Lives are most definitely being impacted for the better. You are very privileged to be able to attend New Creation Church. God is good! May God bless you!