Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty full.  Friday night is my "date night" with Kyle.  We have been keeping up with this pretty regularly for a while now.  Sometimes we will put the kids to bed and then eat our dinner without them.  (This Friday, we did cheap chicken curry, and I have blogged about this before.  Read about it HERE.)  But, our main staple is watching a movie on Netflix after the kids are asleep.  We take turns picking the movie.  This week was my pick, and my last few picks haven't been that good.  This week, I made up for it.  I picked a french movie: "My Best Friend."  It's about an older antiques dealer who realizes that he has no friends.  He makes a bet with his business partner that he can prove he has a best friend before the end of the month.  The movie was PG-13, and had come content and language not suitable for all audiences.  Anyway, we liked it.
Saturday was flu shots day for the kids, a visit from Maw and Paw, and then we attended a birthday party for one of my friends' kids.  Kyle cooked a (cajun) rice and gravy, that I KNOW wasn't approved for my diet.  (I am currently taking a hiatus.)  After dinner, I took my first test for my class this semester.  Made an A!  Woot!  Today was church, and our pastor was out of town, so Kyle was asked to do the welcome, announcements, and opening prayer.  After church was football and naps.  The Saints won (barely)!!  Then, I had more homework to do for my class in the afternoon.  Then, we had breakfast for dinner - pancakes with real maple syrup, yum!  Finally, we got the kids ready for bed, and... more homework.  Bleh!  It's now 8:22 p.m., I'm done with homework and ready to chill.  Man, what a busy weekend!

I also posted more cute pics of R yesterday: 6 1/2 Months

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