Monday, October 31, 2011

Joseph Prince!

This weekend, the whole fam packed up and headed to Houston to see Joseph Prince preach at Lakewood Church.  That's right, we went to see a preacher!  Joseph Prince is a preacher from Singapore (near where my parents lived last year in Brunei; they usually flew out of Singapore.)  This was his first time speaking in the U.S.  His ministry focuses on God's grace through Christ.  He is very insightful with scripture, and finds things that the average person would miss.  Anyway, we really had a great time.  God is so good!  His gift of grace is for everyone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me, I Am Now 33!

Today is my 33rd birthday.  Not much going on today.  I know that my church Bible study is tonight, and they will probably have some cake or something sweet.  But as far as today goes, it's just another day of hyper preschoolers and changing diapers.

I am thankful for this time of my life, though.  This weekend, we did our dinner, documentary, and devotional with my cousins and I think it went well.  We celebrated S's birthday in Texas.  It was a busy weekend, and I am still recovering.  Once again, I came home from the long drive and had to force myself to do my homework, which was due Sunday night (for my online class.)  So anyway, we haven't even finished getting everything unpacked yet, because we came home with so much loot between birthday presents and garage sale stuff people bought for R.  We even acquired a toddler bed for when R gets bigger, but we couldn't fit in in the van this time, so we'll pick it up from my grandmother's house next time we are in.

Also, we have a big move coming up in a couple of weeks.  My landlord recently purchased the house 2 doors down from the one we are in now.  They offered us first dibs on it, and we said yes.  It's gonna be a little bigger than our house now, so we are really looking forward to it.  It's going to be a blessing for our family.

And, I am also excited about scheduling classes soon for next semester.  It looks like everything is coming together and I will be able to get 2-3 classes next semester.  So, I am well on my way to graduate next fall!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advising Time

If you don't know me well, you may not know that I have been slowly finishing up my bachelor's degree for a while.  I even took a class last semester online during the end of my pregnancy and R's first few months.  I went to get advised today, and it looks like I will possibly be able to take 3 classes next semester and 1 class in the fall.  That would be my last class, and I would graduate in December 2012.  I have to work out the childcare details on that, and financially there are some things to take care of, too.  But overall, at this moment, it looks like I have all of that covered.  The main thing now is finding classes that will fit into my curriculum and will fit into a Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

After I got advised, I took a trip to the UL Bookstore and picked up a cheerleading outfit for R.  I tried to get some pics of her today, but she really wasn't in the mood.  Here's what I got: Ragin' Cajun Cheerleader Take 1

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Gets Busier

October is always a busy month.  We'll be celebrating my birthday and S's birthday with our families in both Texas and Cecilia in the next few weeks.  Kyle and I might be going to Houston, too, if we have the money.  Anyway, we are very booked for the rest of the month. 

I am planning a get-together with my younger Texas cousins in the next couple of weeks, too.  We will be doing pizza, watching a documentary, and having a short devotional.  I am really excited about it, because I rarely get to spend time with my cousins.

We are doing better with discipline lately.  Kyle and I are seeing improvements in behavior, slowly but surely.  S is still doing well with using the potty.  R is gaining weight. 

I am getting advised for my college curriculum for next semester next week, and it looks like I might be able to take 3 classes, leaving me with just ONE class to take in the fall to graduate.  It's in the works, nothing is set in stone, yet.

I am sitting here dumbfounded once again at how fast time is passing.  How is it that it's this close to 2012?  JM just turned 4!  It's just crazy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty full.  Friday night is my "date night" with Kyle.  We have been keeping up with this pretty regularly for a while now.  Sometimes we will put the kids to bed and then eat our dinner without them.  (This Friday, we did cheap chicken curry, and I have blogged about this before.  Read about it HERE.)  But, our main staple is watching a movie on Netflix after the kids are asleep.  We take turns picking the movie.  This week was my pick, and my last few picks haven't been that good.  This week, I made up for it.  I picked a french movie: "My Best Friend."  It's about an older antiques dealer who realizes that he has no friends.  He makes a bet with his business partner that he can prove he has a best friend before the end of the month.  The movie was PG-13, and had come content and language not suitable for all audiences.  Anyway, we liked it.
Saturday was flu shots day for the kids, a visit from Maw and Paw, and then we attended a birthday party for one of my friends' kids.  Kyle cooked a (cajun) rice and gravy, that I KNOW wasn't approved for my diet.  (I am currently taking a hiatus.)  After dinner, I took my first test for my class this semester.  Made an A!  Woot!  Today was church, and our pastor was out of town, so Kyle was asked to do the welcome, announcements, and opening prayer.  After church was football and naps.  The Saints won (barely)!!  Then, I had more homework to do for my class in the afternoon.  Then, we had breakfast for dinner - pancakes with real maple syrup, yum!  Finally, we got the kids ready for bed, and... more homework.  Bleh!  It's now 8:22 p.m., I'm done with homework and ready to chill.  Man, what a busy weekend!

I also posted more cute pics of R yesterday: 6 1/2 Months

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Potty Success!

Today was a monumental day in the Richard home.  If you have been following this blog, you have probably read about my difficulties with getting S to go #2 in the potty.  Last week, I got so fed up with cleaning undies that I decided to make a choice.  I decided for the SECOND time to put him back in diapers.  I know that many will see that as the wrong decision, but I saw it this way: he was pooping in his pants just like he was pooping in his diapers - he wasn't motivated to make a change either way.  I was the only person suffering, and I had tried everything that anyone told me.  Nothing was working, so I concluded that he must just not be ready.

Earlier today, he said his tummy ached a little.  (After doing a little research, I think he may have a slight food allergy, but that's another story.)  I told him that his tummy ache might mean that he needed to potty.  Shortly after that, I did change a #2 diaper.  Then at nap time, I had put them down for about 5 or 10 minutes when S said that he needed to go #2.  I rushed to check his diaper, and it was clean.  So, we hurried to the potty.  Lo and behold, he actually did #2 in the potty for the very first time!

He did it all on his own.  We hadn't even mentioned it since last week, although he has continued to pee in the potty.  Kyle was home on his lunch break, and we called both of the grandmothers. Sounds crazy, but we were thrilled.  This is a major milestone, especially since last week I thought we were gonna have to wait another 3-6 months to try again.  Of course, I know he may still have accidents, but he has at least figured it out.  He is back in his big boy underwear.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hollywood Kids!

Ok, maybe just bits parts in community theater... for now.  Here is a fireman scene the boys made up.  There are two videos, because they each had to take turns being the firemen.
For pics from today, including R smiling beautifully, check out Jacket Weather!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's October!

Well, it's my favorite month - my birthday month!  Honestly, the excitement over my birthday has dwindled the last few years.  Not too much that's exciting about being in your 30s really.  I will say that, although the number of years I have lived isn't thrilling anymore, I have a lot to be thankful for.

At this point in my life, I have a very fruitful relationship with God.  It is really amazing how much God can grow you spiritually if you are a willing participant.  I actually DO have life "more abundant," complete with clarity on what that actually means.

My class is progressing well.  I am thankful for my family, our safety, health, and well-being.  I am really realizing that these things are so important, especially when living in a world where major disasters every few months seem to be becoming the norm.

This month we have some short trips planned.  We will be celebrating my birthday, but mostly S's birthday.  He will be 3 years old.

Today, I was reading over my writings of my previous pregnancies.  I have a bunch of stuff (between 40 and 50 pages typed) I wrote in the first 2 pregnancies that I actually was hoping I could make into a book someday.  I haven't touched it in a while.  But, who knows??  Maybe I will pick that up and continue with R's story.  I don't know.  But, I did plan on posting the birth stories of both JM and S on this site at some point.  Today, I read JM's birth.  I cannot believe it has been 4 years since my first baby was born.  Life is really speeding up.

Well anyway, October rocks!  I love the fall.