Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trials Of Toddlerhood

We are still struggling to get S to potty train.  There seems to be no end in sight.  He has spent hours sitting on his potty, but will not do his most important business there.  It is so frustrating, because I know several people with boys that trained by 2 and a half and my boys don't.  JM finally got it a month or two before he turned 3.  S will turn 3 in less than a month and his progress seems to be at a halt.

JM has been testing us frequently.  He has been so difficult lately.  I am really trying to change my perspective.  I am being challenged, and I am trying new methods to get them to internalize reasons for good behavior.  New today to our daily routine is that every morning before breakfast we will go over the house guidelines and sing the "Good Morning To You" song.  We will see if that helps out at all.

I am still truckin' through with my diet.  I will post an update on that Friday after I weigh.

Update since I posted this:
I went outside to put the laundry to wash.  JM came out without permission, so I told him to go back and wait for me inside.  He argued with me.  Then. he went inside and locked me out of the house by locking the screen door.  Um... wow!  I am not happy this morning.  He was disciplined, then put in his room to think about what he did and how he can change his actions next time.  Now, I am trying to think of some chore I can have him do to make up for it.  See, this is what I am talking about.

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