Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taking A Break

Today was a big chore day for me.  I did a lot before and during the kids' nap time.  I didn't get to the bathrooms yesterday, so I had to get to them today on top of other things.  Anyway, I got the important maintenance chores done.  I am taking a little break before preparing for dinner.

As far as my 2-day diet accountability (from the previous post), I managed to keep it to 30.5 points yesterday, but I think I will be about 5 points over by the end of the day today.  But, that is how I have been doing it  pretty-much every week and with the breastfeeding, it seems to be okay (excuses, excuses, I know.)  Tomorrow morning is my weekly weight check.  I will post an update on that here, even if it's bad.

I will be busy with another research project due this Sunday night, but I am hoping to get it knocked out by tomorrow night, because I have plans for most of the weekend.  I will share pics and updates on here, of course.
It has been a short, but very busy week.  I have posted a few things on my other blogs this week.  Just check out the links in the heading if you wanna have a looksie.  Hope everyone makes it through Friday and has a great weekend.  Ciao!


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