Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's 10 after 10 on Sunday night, and I feel very scattered.  Things have been too busy the last few weeks.  I haven't had much extra time.  I am pretty swamped.  I have had a lot of extra things to do, but I am hoping things will slow down a bit pretty soon. 

I am too tired to elaborate on all the stuff I have been doing, but I will say that at least my online class is going well.  I will be required to watch 2 theater performances and write papers on them for my class.  I am actually looking forward to getting out and seeing some theater.  I think live shows of any kind are really fun, but I just tend to forget to plan ahead and put them on my calendar.  Now that I will be forced to, maybe it will serve as a good reminder that I need to get out and do things like that.

One of the shows that I may go and see is a college performance of Edgar Allen Poe stories.  I think that will be really neat, and it's free with my student I.D., so that's even better.  In my quest to find shows to see, I found a spoken word show I may try to see.

Well, in light of all of this overload I have been feeling, I know that I am gonna need to get out and grab a coffee or something very soon.  I am getting that burnt-out feeling, and that's never good.  Oh yeah, and I also picked up a sinus infection this weekend.  So, I am really feeling run-down.  I take comfort in knowing "this too shall pass."

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