Monday, September 12, 2011

Overloaded Weekend

I clearly underestimated my workload when I agreed to do more than I should have this weekend.  I had another paper to do for my class, along with 2 smaller assignments, I agreed to attend Art Walk with some friends, and I also had something to type up for my church.  It really didn't dawn on me me that I had overloaded myself  until right before the weekend.  I juggled my time management and got everything done.  I even had half a day to spare after completing my paper and assignments. 

This isn't the first time I have overloaded myself and said yes to doing without really thinking them through.  Now, I think I have finally gotten the message.  I need to stop and think before accepting invitations or making commitments.  I know I can get them all done, but it really isn't good for me to be overloaded, stressed, and crunched for time.  It makes it even more difficult now that I have a family.  Let's face it.  I need downtime in order to function so that I can just do my best at life.  If I am thoughtlessly making commitments, something is gonna suffer.

This weekend, everything turned out okay.  Next time, it may not.  So, let this blog be my witness.  I am gonna try to think things through before making commitments from now on.

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