Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pregnancy Weight Woes - Part 2

It's really weird for me to be blogging about this, because it could definitely blow up in my face.  When you are dieting and you go public, you are just asking for trouble.  Basically, if I fail miserably, the whole world (or the blog world) knows. 

People are gonna look at me and literally size me up.  Or, they will think: "Should she be eating that?  Is that on her alleged diet?" 

But, I guess it doesn't matter what people think, right? 

Who starts a diet on a Friday, anyway??  I started yesterday without having my diet groceries, and with very little enthusiasm.  I raided the pantry for sources of healthy veggies, and somehow I made it work. 

This morning, I went shopping for fruits, veggies, and extras for the diet.  I really hope I can do this with my minimal grocery budget, but time will tell.

Today, I had a little more motivation, since I was more equipped with foods.  I also remembered that I will be in pictures next weekend, and that is gonna keep me motivated... at least for this week.

I already put together some healthy things to eat, and I will share some on my blog soon.  And, I managed to get in a 25 minute workout today (although, I don't plan on making Saturdays a routine workout day.)

Anyway, here goes nothin'!  If you see me in a month, I ask that you please don't scrutinize too much.  All I can do is try.

Here's my massive fruit basket, which is only about a third of my fruit and veggies haul today.

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