Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Potty Training Blues

We are potty training S for the second time.  The first time didn't take, and he isn't very enthusiastic this time, either.  We told him that he can wear his new "Cars" (the movie) underwear as soon as he poops in the potty 2 times.  While he is interested in this, he still doesn't even want to spend his time on the potty.  To top it off, JM has been wetting the bed about 5-7 nights a week ever since we moved to this house the first of the year.  So now, we have 2 bed-wetters.  The only solution we have found for JM is to put clean clothes and a towel on his dresser so that he can clean himself up in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, we still have to get up with S, and the wet laundry is getting ridiculous.

I see many other people who get their boys to train by 2 and a half, and I just don't understand why my boys don't.  JM trained just before age 3, but then went into this state of regression that doesn't seem to have an end.  So yeah, this is a difficult stage. 

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