Thursday, August 18, 2011

Postpartum Breastfeeding, and Migraine Associated Vertigo

I hope that this post will shed light on these symptoms.  I have been nursing R.  She's almost 5 months old.  I have been having dizzy spells and vertigo on and off lately.  I have had headaches on and off since I first gave birth.  I looked up the symptoms, and found nothing as far as an explanation.

But, I did find a few forums of women who were nursing and experiencing the same thing.  Many of them had even had tests run and visited doctors who came up with no explanation.  Some common themes included: changes in frequency of nursing, postpartum hair-loss, getting your first period back, possible low blood-sugar, and depression or anxiety.

From what I can gather just from my own assessment, it seems as though some nursing mothers may experience Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAS - headaches with vertigo or dizziness), possibly as a result of 
low blood sugar or some sort-of breastfeeding side effect.

But, I am not a medical professional.  So, I want to call attention to this on my blog.  Maybe someone can shed some light on this.  Here are the main 2 forum threads that deal with this issue:


  1. Oh wow! I never thought to put two and two together. I do recall experiencing extreme vertigo on two different occasions (with different infants.) The first I just "dealt with" for a couple days, because I had no clue what it was. The second time was even worse, something I couldn't just "deal with" on my own. I called my OB, and she said to come in as soon as I could. Andy drove me as I could barely walk/open my eyes. She gave me a shot of something in the rump, and I was better for Home Group that evening. Still not sure what she gave me, but I was able to continue nursing. I've never experienced anything like either of those instances, yet both happened while nursing.

  2. If you had it too, it must not be that rare of an occurrence. I wonder why is isn't talked about. I can only guess that one reason could be that people don't talk about postpartum symptoms or breastfeeding symptoms very much at all.

  3. And with me it was so random. I nursed 6 infants, yet I experienced it only once in only 2 of the 6. I considered it a fluke, and didn't give it much further thought. I wonder if there are others "alone" in their thinking as well.

  4. I experienced it several times. Quite a while after S was born, I remember getting it. Since R, I have had it a few times. One time it was mild, but lasted for about an hour. Last time it happened, I was sitting down and thought I was going to pass out.

  5. I feel nursing can cause migraine die to hormones. I experienced several, months apart while nursing my son over 21 months. I was told it was just old age(31). I didnt belive that and did not take the strong medications prescribed for my issue. I was diagnosed by a neurologist with complex migraine. They stopped the week I weaned. NO more dizzy spells and not another attack.

  6. I started getting migraines and vertigo within 24 hours of having my first child...the migraines stopped the second I got pregnant again (10.5 months postpartum (OOPS!)) but vertigo has since continued..

    I love babies, but this may be my hard to function with the both of them. I too don't understand why this is not more researched. very interesting...