Friday, August 26, 2011

Diet Update

Well, I started following the weight watchers plan 2 weeks ago.  I weighed today and I am 5.4 pounds down.  What do I think of the plan so far?  There are pros and cons, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. 

The bad news is that a diet is a diet.  I think that any time you diet, it is gonna be challenging.  You are still practicing a discipline, and our nature tells us to fight it.  The other thing about it is that you have to measure your food, figure out the points value, and eat particular things to keep it balanced.  The last challenge that I have faced is making family meals.  I don't have a stockpile of recipes with nutrition information yet.  And, I have been winging it as far as family meals.  We have been eating lots of salads, and I have a couple of things for the family.  But, that's an area that I really need to expand if I want things to work long-term.

The good news is that this diet is not as restrictive as most diets.  You have your flex points every week that make it possible to have treats in moderation, and you can use the weight watcher's food companion and dining out guide to quickly know how to count your points.  The points calculator makes it easy to figure out the points when you have the nutrition information.  An advantage that I have right now is that half of my family members are doing this plan.  So, I have a lot of support and people to answer my questions.

Right now, I am just taking everything day by day.  I actually went 5 points over my limit this week and still lost weight.  So really, the biggest challenge for me will be staying consistent.

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